Pro Argument (Official Voter’s Guide)

Just as France presented the Statue of Liberty as its gift to the nation, the citizens of San Francisco may now bestow their own special gift to the country by renaming our award winning waste water treatment plant in honor of outgoing President George W Bush. We think this is a fitting memorial for a truly outstanding Commander-in-Chief. On matters ranging from diplomacy to fiscal and environmental stewardship, no other President has had such a dramatic impact on the country and the Constitution in such a short time. Most presidents wait years or decades to receive their memorial airport or highway. We think President Bush deserves immediate recognition for his eight years of public service.

Critics of this measure point out that the initiative unfairly maligns the talented and hard working staff at the award-winning plant or that it memorializes an administration best forgotten. To this we simply say that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. President Bush has left us with a gigantic mess, and that this facility symbolizes the city’s deft ability to clean up its share of the financial and diplomatic mess left in this administration’s wake. It will also become the world’s first presidential sewage plant, a potential tourist attraction, and therefore an opportunity for the dedicated plant workers to educate visitors about this essential and heretofore unknown public works. This measure will have a minimal fiscal impact and may increase tourist traffic to the plant, Zoo, and nearby attractions in southwest San Francisco, creating yet another quirky must-see destination along with our cable cars, Haight St, and Beach Blanket Babylon.

Fellow San Franciscans, we urge you to vote Oui! on November 4th.