R is for Remember

Here’s a great new flyer for Proposition R from Pixelstud.


Coming Soon (Subject To Voter Approval)

Ready To Print Posters Available

We’ve just published a set of ready-to-print posters and flyers to post in windows and storefronts. If you have some free time between now and Election Day, help us circulate these in your neighborhood and share them via email with friends. Special thanks to Josh and Pixelstud for the artwork.

Yes On R : Brown and Yellow

Yes On R : Toilet

The Letter Is For Rename

Pixelstud made this postcard to promote Proposition R (full size painting is on display at the Starbucks at 18th near Castro).


Vote Yes on Proposition R! (New Website Coming Soon)

It’s official. We have been certified by the San Francisco Department of Elections for the Nov 4th general election. Our initiative to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant in honor of President George W Bush will appear on the San Francisco ballot as Proposition R. Fellow San Franciscans, vote yes to gift the nation with this unique honor.

We are also working on a redesign for presidentialmemorial.org (work already in progress). Check back in late August to see the fruits of this effort!

Stats From The Signature Drive

It’s official. We submitted 11,999 signatures to the Department of Elections on July 7th. This was a 100% grassroots effort, with no funding or political backing. Dozens of volunteers helped us gather signatures from thousands of San Franciscans. We need 7,168 signatures from SF voters to qualify for the November 4th ballot. After cross checking our petitions, the Department of Elections will notify us within 30 days if we qualify.

We had over 600 people join our Meet Up group, and of them, about 120 volunteers to gather signatures. Every zip code in San Francisco is represented in our petition.

Breakdown By Neighborhood

94102 (Hayes Valley/Civic Center): 534 (4.8%)

94103 (South of Market): 586 (5.3%)

94104 (Financial District): 27 (0.25%)

94105 (Financial District): 47 (0.43%)

94107 (Potrero Hill): 319 (2.87%)

94108 (Chinatown): 109 (1.00%)

94109 (Nob Hill/Russian Hill): 716 (6.49%)

94110 (Mission): 1,955 (17.73%)

94111 (Embarcadero/Wharf): 26 (0.24%)

94112 (Excelsior): 354 (3.21%)

94114 (Castro/Noe Valley): 1,793 (16.26%)

94115 (Pacific Heights/West Add/Japantown): 473 (4.29%)

94116 (Sunset/Forest Hill): 227 (2.00%)

94117 (Haight/Panhandle): 1,346 (12.21%)

94118 (Inner Richmond): 326 (2.96%)

94121 (Outer Richmond): 260 (2.36%)

94122 (Sunset): 467 (4.24%)

94123 (Marina): 141 (1.28%)

94124 (Bayview/Hunter’s Point): 88 (0.80%)

94127 (West Portal): 127 (1.29%)

94129 (Presidio): 29 (0.26%)

94130 (Treasure Island): 47 (0.43%)

94131 (Twin Peaks/Diamond Heights): 585 (5.31%)

94132 (Park Merced): 103 (0.93%)

94133 (Telegraph Hill): 209 (1.82%)

94134 (Visitacion Valley): 88 (0.80%)

94158 (SoMa): 25 (0.23%)