Vote Yes on Proposition R! (New Website Coming Soon)

It’s official. We have been certified by the San Francisco Department of Elections for the Nov 4th general election. Our initiative to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant in honor of President George W Bush will appear on the San Francisco ballot as Proposition R. Fellow San Franciscans, vote yes to gift the nation with this unique honor.

We are also working on a redesign for (work already in progress). Check back in late August to see the fruits of this effort!


One response to “Vote Yes on Proposition R! (New Website Coming Soon)

  1. VOTE NO on R: His name’s not good enough to go on this sewage plant.

    I’m disgusted and embarrassed by this president. By contrast, I’m proud of the beautiful GGNRA, of the wild openness of Ocean Beach, and of our hardworking, clean, and efficient wastewater treatment facility.

    Why would you want to deface all of that with a name like W? Can’t we find a child pornographer’s outhouse or something to name after this guy?

    I can see why this initiative got enough traction to get on the ballot, but please, let’s not wake up one day with a permanent fixture – any permanent fixture – that has this clown’s name on it.

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